Wednesday 27 July 2016

Amir Khan New Killer Avatar In His Upcoming Movie Dangal

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Amir Khan New Killer Avatar

Aamir Khan is currently shooting for a promotional song which will introduce his two wrestler daughters in Dangal. We can't wait to watch Aamir Khan in this new avatar.

He is seen in a bearded look wearing long jacket, ear rings, bands & accessories, rings, Surma in eyes, to perfect the look of a desi rapper. Aamir was spotted by paparzzi while he was shooting for the same? Mind you he is 50 year old! But going by this killer look we can must say that Aamir has reversed the biological clock, hasn’t he?

Aamir Khan is seen in several looks in the film for which he has worked very hard, so that he could perfect the looks he has donned. The journey of his look has been the talk of town!

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