Saturday 27 February 2016

Movie review : Bollywood Diaries

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Bollywood Diaries

Director: K. D. Satyam

Cast: Raima Sen, Ashish Vidyarthi, Salim Diwan, Vineet Kumar

How far can one go to achieve their Bollywood dreams? Daily around 1000 people come to the city of dreams-Mumbai to fulfil their dreams of dazzling on celluloid. Some run from their house, some fight with family and friends, while others fight their inner battles in the hope of becoming a superstar one day. Director K. D. Satyam beautifully narrates this struggle in his two hours and two minutes feature film.

When you chase your dreams, how far is too far? Director KD Satyam gets ambitious with his story, which has its heart in the right place, but fails to mould it into something impactful. Bollywood Diaries is one of those rare films that you would want to invest in but the half-baked narrative is not successful in holding your attention. It is adequate but not evocative enough.

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