Friday 4 December 2015

'Hate Story 3mam is such twists and turns, mystery, it is difficult to apprehend

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 (તસવીરઃ 'હેટ સ્ટોરી 3'ના એક સીનમાં ઝરીન ખાન અને શર્મન જોશી)

'Hate Story' series, the third part of 'Hate Story is 3rilijha. Zarin Khan, Karan Singh Grover, Daisy Shah and starring Sharman Joshi and Songs released trailer for the film became a topic of debate before. Especially through its Intimate scenes in the audience, had created much enthusiasm.
However, the first part of the film 'Hate Story' Yes, but not like this one bit better than other adult movie as the movie thrill to attract young people with the garam masala has also discarded. The two-hour movie about Sava twists and turns, but with a steep intimasi found.
Take the way in which the film was already being discussed, I would think that most cinemas First Day First Show hatumama 80 percent of the audience was good business at the Box Office will not doubts.
The package you're asking about the film, some of the twists and turns chiea climax of the film as an Erotic thriller twist until someone was coming.
Sai husband's affair with Big Brother?
Businessman Aditya Dewan (Sharman Joshi) in memory of the brother made an opening ceremony of a hospital wherein he says that the film begins, my older brother had given it to his friend, half lever, which, like his brother have got a great happiness in the other world, Sai nathia with his wife at his Diwan (Zarin Khan) is also.  
In the meantime, is interviewed by a TV channel which is being asked whether your Aditya's elder brother had an affair with? The answer is that it begins to give the nod Now philmasum really Sai husband is having an affair with Big Brother?

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