Friday 20 November 2015

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'Wounded Once Again "will appear in the bald Sunny Deol

November 20,215

New Delhi: Actor Sunny upcoming film 'Once Again wounded' will feature in a new look. Take a moment to look it shocking. According to the report, "When Sunny saw her this look, they were shocked. Unhhonne then they want something.
Then it will look when it's sunny in the film are going through mental trauma and are in prison. The removal and shaving their hair to be a part of treatment '
Sunny in the film besides four college students were shown the film's story revolves around who will be seen. 'Injured Once Again' movie is a sequel to the injured. The acting director of the film as well as the linen are also visible. According to reports, the film of the life of an officer of the Mumbai police is based on a true incident.

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