Thursday 19 November 2015

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When Dara Singh dust mat King Kong , See PHOTOS of private life

November 19 Rustme-Hind wrestler-turned-actor Dara Singh's birthday. He was not only old traditions combined with modernity, but they were also examples to the people of the country. His memorable fight with Kingkang he or the role of Hanuman in Ramayana Virbli played, Dara Singh was fitted in each roll. Dara Singh who played memorable roles in many Hindi films, 12 July 2012, died following a long illness.

King Kong was the challenge

Hanuman of Ramayana serial and wrestler Dara Singh of India Abdul Bari Park Ranchi world renowned wrestler King Kong in November 1962 was defeated. Sydney's King Kong was challenged to wrestle the Dara Singh. The wrestlers were involved in Ranchi in November 1962 worldwide. Compared to 200 kg in front of King Kong looked Dara Singh kids, but their confidence was heavy on King Kong.With the same confidence Dara Singh was beaten three times on King Kong . Once he was six feet tall King Kong took the twist was knocked down by the Arena . During wrestling and when Dara Singh was roundly thrashed by King Kong , then - then the entire pavilion audience hoot echoed. Even today, people remember that fight .

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