Monday 16 November 2015

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 Shamitabh is Good cinema arrives in 2015

Movie Review, Shamitabh
Mumbai: Amitabh and Balki’s creative combo cinema is something I always look forward to especially after ‘CheeniKum’ and Paa. After a couple of years the duo is back with a movie imaginatively titled Shamitabh which is coined with Dhanushka ‘Sh’ and of course the rest of it is the star itself Amitabh.

Danish played by Dhanush is a below average looking guy with big dreams of becoming a Bollywood star, besides his looks there is one more issue he is mute. comes to Mumbai the city of dreams to become an actor but gets thrown out of every studio he visits for work. Akshara (Akshara Hassan) sees Danish struggle so hard comes to his rescue as she takes him to a leading surgeon who suggests a procedure by which even a dumb person can speak.

The catch is however not his voice but of another human for which a lot of voice screening are conducted and the zero it down to that of Amitabh Sinha (Amitabh Bachchan). A confidential deal is signed by which Amitabh is not supposed t reveal to the world that he is the voice for Danish. Shamitabh is chosen as Danish’s screen name and it proves lucky as he bags a biggie titled ‘Lifebuoy’. However ego clashes between Danish and Amitabh almost leads to the end of Shamitabh as a journalist tries to expose the truth. However Akshara is the only one who can save ‘Shamitabh’ from being exposed to rest of the world.

Amitabh Bachchan time after time proves he is a legend and this specific role could only be essayed by the actor as he is able toemphasize over the nuances. Dhanush after making a smashing debut in Ranjhanaa took a while to pick his second project; the wait was worth as he is presented in a solid manner. The chemistry between Amitabh and Dhanush is outstanding especially in the ego-clash scenes. Akshara Hassan makes an impressive debut; the new comer is pitted against two big actors and still manages to make her place.

Balki is one of the best filmmakers in Bollywood who at least dares to makes something different and this time too he succeeds with Shamitabh. However the subject is not for the masses and the second half gets stretched. Editor Hemanti Sarkar could have chopped few scenes post interval for sure. Director of Photography P.C. Sreeram does an outstanding job.

Music by legendary composer Ilaiyaraaja is catching on especially the track ‘PiddlysiBaatien’ sung by Big B.
Shamitabh is a good watch if you have taste for parallel cinema, don’t go in with great expectations and you will enjoy the movie.

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