Saturday 15 July 2023

TRP week this in the TRP list 'Anupama' is the foremost rate

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TRP week this  in the TRP list  'Anupama' is the foremost rate

As usual 2nd week rating has been presented. Back India this time There has been a slight change in the rating list. Just like many of the previous installments Star Plus' show 'Anupama' remained at the forefront in TRP, then another Traf Imli has also regained the place in the top five. Worth mentioning
That, Ranjan Shahi's show is very popular among viewers is As usual It's another TV. Heavy on the serial. Viewers love Rupali Ganguly have been and have been appreciating their role. In addition to serials The coming twists are attracting more viewers. However, often Anupama also has to face trolling on social media However, there is no drop in TRPs of the serial. This week the show got 2.9 million viewership impressions. In short, in the world of television today But the incomparable sting is ringing. Any serial that makes him happy Not done!

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