Thursday 24 January 2019

Sara Ali Khan And Amrita Singh Lodged A Police Complaint To Claim A Property In Dehradun

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Amrita Singh and her aunt, Tahira Bimbat have reportedly staked claim over four acres of property in Clement Town, Dehradun. Amrita, along with her daughter, Sara Ali Khan has lodged a police complaint to claim the property and also protect it from the land mafia.

As per several reports, the dispute arose when Amrita’s uncle, Madhusudan died due to cancer a few days ago. Police officials say that Madhusudan’s father, an Air Force officer, bought the property in 1969 and after the death of his parents, he started residing there itself. Amrita’s mother, Rukhsana Sultana is his half-sister (Madhusudan’s father’s daughter from his first wife). Madhusudan and Tahira were born after their father divorced his first wife and married Asha Bimbat.

Now, Amrita and Tahira have filed a court case against Madhusudan for the Clement Town property. Meanwhile, the caretaker of the property, Khushi Ram has also lodged a complaint with the police pleading protection of the property.


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