Sunday 7 October 2018

‘There's not just one Weinstein in Bollywood’: The truth behind the world’s largest film industry

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A year ago, the Harvey Weinstein scandal sent shockwaves through Hollywood, with the subsequent TimesUp and MeToo movements reverberating across the worlds of media and sport, politics, business and beyond.

Until last week, Bollywood, the largest film industry on the planet, had remained unaffected.

Mumbai’s powerful movie moguls, aided by politicians, closed ranks and actresses kept silent. The dark side of the industry, euphemistically labelled the ‘casting couch', continued to lead to the sexual harassment and assault of young, aspirational women.

The silence was shattered, however, when Tanushree Dutta, a 34-year-old actress and former Miss India winner, revived an allegation from ten years...


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