Thursday 20 September 2018

Bigg Boss 12, 19 September, Day 3 written updates: Dipika, Srishty, get nominated for eviction; Urvashi breaks down when labelled unhygienic

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Bigg Boss 12 , Dipika , Srishty , Urvashi , labelled unhygienic

It might have been just three days, but all the drama and fights happening inside the Bigg Boss house make you feel that it has been several weeks.

The Khan sisters, Saba and Somi have clearly stolen the thunder of Anup Jalota - Jasleen Matharu and the other celebrities as well; the duo have captured the attention of the inmates. After a night of feud and fallouts, Bigg Boss woke the contestants up to the tunes of 'Raita Phail Gaya' giving them a hint of what’s in store for them. As the day progressed, competition among the housemates increase. Deepak Thakur kept the humour going with his one-liners, comparing the fights in the house to the Battle of Panipat.

While a few contestants kept having silly fights, new bonds were seen blooming between a few - Srishty and Urvashi’s sisterly concerns; Somi and Kriti’s friendship; Shivashish and Romil’s 'bhaichara'. Also, while the other housemates were against the Khan sisters, Karanvir stood by them as their only confidante. Devotional singer Anup Jalota, popularly known as ‘Bhajan samraat’, was seen practicing his songs daily, sometimes even before Bigg Boss played the 'wake up song'.

Anup was also seen giving classes to Somi, who enjoyed learning from the maestro first hand. In one instance, Karanvir and Romil were also seen getting into a jugalbandi with Anup.

Thakur added beat-boxing to spice up the riyaaz sessions. His rendition of an old melody got Dipika emotional, as that reminded her of someone special. He was also seen explaining strategies to his fan and partner Urvashi on how to survive in the house. Romil and Shivashish were seen discussing girls in the house; they felt Srishty Rode was the smart one among the others. On the other hand, Sreesanth and Anup asked Kriti to tell Roshmi to mix up with everyone.

Another controversy was seen brewing in the washroom when Kriti entered and came out making a face. She then asked Urvashi if she was the one to have last used the washroom. Urvashi broke down and said, “Chote sheher se aaye hai hum wo dikha rahe hai (She is trying to prove I am from a small town)" She claimed that Kriti tried to put her down and added that even though people laugh with Deepak, but behind his back, he's often trolled only because he hails from a small town.

Adding some excitement to the day, Bigg Boss announced the first nomination of the season where the jodis had to nominate the singles and the singles had to choose jodis after discussion. As part of the task, the jodis were shown two singles on the screen, and the singles were shown two jodis.

After a lot of arguments both the teams came up with their final decision and chose the nominations for this week’s eviction. Srishty, Karanvir, Sreesanth, Dipika and Neha nominated Kriti and Roshmi. They further nominated the Khan sisters and Shivashish and Sourabh. The jodis nominated Dipika, Srishty and saved Karanvir, Neha and Sreesanth.


1. Dipika, Srishty, Roshmi-Kriti, Saba-Somi and Shivashish-Sourabh get nominated.

2. Sreesanth decides to stay back. Karanvir, Dipika and others calm Sreesanth down and later he apologises to the Khan sisters – Saba and Somi.

3. Urvashi breaks down when told that she was unhygienic.


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