Friday 27 July 2018

Akshay Kumar is Playing THIS Man in his Patriotic Saga 'Gold'

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Akshay Kumar , Gold
You won't find him on wikipedia, there is no biography available on Google. Some websites refer to him as Kishen Lal, the first hockey captain of India. But it is actually about another person and he was the coach of the team and not the captain. But the character Akshay Kumar is playing in the film Gold that has evoked a lot of curiosity is someone else. His name is Tapan Das.

The movie will see Kumar in the role of Tapan Das, an assistant manager of a pre-independence hockey team, whose aim is to get a gold medal for the country. A behind-the-scenes Bollywood Journalist footage was revealed by the makers which shows the fun and quirky side of the very disciplined and hard-working actor. The video starts with Akshay making light of his character Tapan Das while trying to get a shot right. “I am playing Tapan Das, a Bengali, who is the Indian hockey team’s manager in the pre-Independence era. We added a mustache, a dhoti, with a jacket and a differently-styled hair-do for the character,” says Akshay, while talking about his role in the film.

Later, filmmaker Reema Kagti reveals a few nuggets about Tapan Das. She says, “The person that inspired his character is very controversial. Scheming, unpopular, argumentative, but at the same time, knows the game really well.”


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