Saturday 17 March 2018

Shahid and Meera are planning another child

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Shahid Kapoor , Meera Rajput

Bollywood Chocolaty Boy Shahid Kapoor, who is shooting film 'Batki Gul Meter Current' in Uttrakhand, returns to Mumbai as soon as he returns to Mumbai with wife Mira Rajput. After meeting with the doctor, this coupled with lunch in the restaurant and also spent quality time. Since these photographs of these 'outing' have come to the social media, speculations are being made that this celebrity couple is planning another child.

In an interview given by Mid Day last year, Mira Rajput had said that she would soon be planning another child and only then would she focus on her career. Sharing his future plan, Mira had said, "Yes, I want to work, especially in creative fields like lifestyle or food, I will do something that will give me the opportunity to spend time with my family." When Meera was asked when she would start her work, she replied, 'There is no deadline set by the careers, because I want the second child and after that I will make a decision.'

Complaints came in the first pregnancy of 22 year old Mira Rajput. Then Shahid Kapoor also revealed that his first child was not a plan. Shahid Kapoor said, "The distance between my wife and me is big. Meera wants another child too so that when she is older or surely, she will be free to do the things she wants to do. '

It is worth mentioning that when Mira Rajput gave birth to the first daughter, some people criticized her and said that Shahid had married Mira just to have children. Kapal then faced the criticism of those criticisms. Shahid Kapoor married Mira Rajput in July 2015. In August 2016, her first daughter, Misha, was born.


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