Saturday 18 November 2017

Radhika Apte: Sexual abuse in every alternate household

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Radhika Apte ,  Bollywood Sexy Actress

Bollywood Hot Actress Radhika Apte feels that sexual abuse does not only exist in the world of showbiz but takes place in every alternate household. "Sexual abuse takes place in every alternate household. So it's not a part of just the film industry. You have so much child abuse, domestic abuse everywhere in the world, including India," Radhika told IANS.

She said it exists in "every field and household at some level or the other and that it all needs to be eliminated". Sexual abuse does not target just women, stresses Radhika. "It's also towards men, little boys and everybody. People exploit their power at every level."

Radhika asserted that this needed to change. "I think it starts from us putting our foot down and saying 'no' to things, however big your ambition is. You need to be brave about it, believe in your own talent, say 'no' and start speaking up because if one person speaks up, nobody is going to listen to him or her. But if 10 people do, then others would (listen to them)," she said.

The 'Phobia' actress, said there has to be a more organised platform for people to work. "There has to be more professional platforms as well as rules in place which is slowly happening." Sexual abuse has been a topic of debate in Bollywood and Hollywood. Prominent names from the entertainment industry are discussing how men in power take advantage of women in exchange for taking forward their dreams.

The sexual harassment saga started when a media house published a story in October revealing numerous accusations of sexual abuse against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. But why are no names taken in the case of casting couch in Bollywood?

"Because of fear, because people who have great ambitions are afraid. They think of what will happen to them if they take somebody's name who has so much power. That's what I am saying. Everybody has to speak up," she added. Radhika ventured into Bollywood in 2005 with 'Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!' and since then has explored genres like thriller, drama and adult comedy with films like 'Rakht Charitra', 'Shor in the City', 'Badlapur', 'Parched' and 'Hunterrr'.

Radhika said, "Nothing like that. You have to choose from the work that you have. You can't say that 'I want that' if that's not been offered to you. So, whatever is offered to you, you choose from that. You make your choice whatever you feel is going to be more challenging or something that inspires you or excites you."

She said she makes her choices in the "spur of the moment" with whatever she feels intuitively. "I am not a very big planner."

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