Wednesday 24 May 2017

Movie Review : Half Girlfriend

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Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend is an exasperatingly asinine love story sans depth or any kind of reasoning. It glorifies stalking, manhandling, belittles grave medical conditions and girls' education issue with its lame and superficial treatment. It lazily talks about small town life, class divides, language barriers, gender inequality and penury. My childhood debates were far better researched than this painfully pseudo love saga that rolls out for a painful two and a half hours.

Shradha Kapoor is a hardworking actor. She started promoting the film while shooting for it as she sashays around in her college in designer clothes, looking more like a movie star than a student.

Arjun Kapoor is a fabulous actor though. His range of emotions is unbelievable - stare, sulk and smile. And then they say nepotism is not a real problem, especially when you have a far more talented Vikrant Massey in the same frame as Creepy, as not the lead but a supporting character. Half a star only for Vikrant’s performance.

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