Thursday 20 April 2017

From the statement of 'Azan' to Sonu Nigam's 'Shind Mundwane' till ... 9 big things

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Sonu Nigam'

The tweet with the loudspeaker of the playback singer Sonu Nigam took a bigger picture. Sonu Nigam once again pressed the press conference to clarify that his tweet was about the loudspeaker rather than Azan, in which he had told not only about the mosque but also about the loudspeakers used in gurdwaras. But in a big way, this Azan Verses Sonu Nigam has become. So many Bollywood celebrities are with Sonu Nigam, some are opposing him. Even after issuing the fatwa, Sonu Nigam has shaved his head too. Learn about 8 big things in this case ...

1. In the morning on March 17, Sabu Sonu Nigam had tweeted four. He had written, "Keep all the toppers safe. I am not a Muslim and I have to wake up because of Ajan. For how long will such religious rituals be carried out in India? After this tweet, the social media went on fire.

2. In reply to the reaction of people on their tweets, he wrote, "When Mohammed founded Islam, then there was no electricity, then why there is no need of such flicks after Edison's invention."

3. Sonu Nigam further wrote, He further wrote, "I do not believe in any such temple and gurus which use electricity to awaken people who do not believe in religion. Then why? Honestly tell? What is the truth? ' In one of his tweets, he wrote, 'The felony is just ...'.

4. After this, Sonu Nigam tweeted on the night of 18 March, "Dear people, whoever is promoting that my tweets are anti-Muslim, let them know in one place where I have done this, I will apologize. ' He further tweeted, "When I talk of loud speakers, I also talked about temple and gurudwaras. Is it so difficult to understand? '

5. After this, West Bengal Minority United Council Vice President Syed Shah Atif Ali Qadri issued a fatwa against him by the Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam regarding the comments made on Ajan. He had said that whoever will bald Sonu Nigam and wear a garment of old shoes, he will receive a reward of Rs. 10 lakhs.

6. After releasing the fatwa, Sonu Nigam has shaved his head. He gave a press conference and cleared it in this matter. He said that he is not anti-Muslim and he questioned the loudspeaker but not on Azan. At the same time, Sonu Nigam also made it clear that such statements were made not only about the loudspeakers used in mosques but also the temple and gurus.

7. Maulvi Syed Sha Atel Ali al-Qadri of West Bengal who issued a fatwa against Sonu Nigam refused to give the singer Rs 10 lakh. He said that Sonu Nigam did not fulfill all the conditions so he would not give him 10 lakh rupees. Actually, Qadri says that he had issued a fatwa and said that whatever Sonu will head the corporation, wearing a necklace of shoes, he will give ten lakh rupees to the country.

8. After shaving the head of Sonu, the poet and leader Dr. Kumar Vishwas tweeted and praised Bollywood singer in his special style. Dr. Kumar Vishwas tweeted for Sonu and said, 'no' hair of your true heart can not even make money friend Sonu Nigam Corporation. By throwing away their own husbands, they have shaved their hatred. Sonu has said in reply to the tweet - you love brother ...

9. In this case Singer Mika Singh has advised Sonu Nigam. Mica tweeted, "Big Brother, I respect you as a singer. Instead of changing the loudspeaker, I think you should change your home and live somewhere else. ' But today, while sharing a video he wrote, "I respect the Sonu corporation very much like that of my older brother. I do not know why they gave such a statement. Maybe they have given this message in some other way and we have understood something else. If we have to stop, then addiction should be stopped. Corruption should be stopped. '

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