Wednesday 5 October 2016

Fawad Khan’s Controversial Statement Said The Real Truth Bollywood Kisike Baap Ka Hai?

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Fawad Khan

With the current public discourse on Pakistani artists being banned from Indian cinema scene in the background of the appalling Uri attacks, much has been said and discussed by social media and Bollywood fraternity.

There were reports that Fawad Khan, amidst the threat given by MNS to all the Pakistani artists to leave the country in 48 hours or face consequences, has fled the country. Countering these speculations were the other reports that claimed he left the country much before the threat as his wife Sadaf is expecting their second child.

Following which there were some other “sources” that claimed Fawad Khan showing his true colours had said, “Bollywood kisike baap ka hai?” and called Indians “small hearted” on being questioned about his ouster.

All this is untrue!!! The rumors are baseless and Fawad hasn’t said anything like that. Picked up by hearsay and spread like wildfire on social media, the stories seem to have no truth to them.

Social media that is emerging to be the fifth pillar of democracy has a huge responsibility. In most cases, the responsibility is used as an easy tool to impose opinions, change ideologies and more importantly, spread baseless story and make them viral. Fawad Khan is probably the first artist from across the border that has earned such popularity and love from Indian masses.

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