Friday 2 September 2016

Akira Moive Review

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Akira Moive Review

Having a young woman kick serious butt should be a matter of joy: what’s not to like about strong female characters in male-dominated mainstream cinema? But what do you do if you are saddled with the most craven plot this side of the Vindhyas, which gives you wings, and then sets about clipping them? Sonakshi Sinha does a good job working the limitations of her role, but she alone cannot help this film from falling into a sinkhole.

Film "Akira" is the story of a small town girl Akira Sharma, who since childhood and fearless voices against tyranny is a girl. Acid attack on a girl while she is looking at the self-defense instruction.Big after he comes to Mumbai to stay where he unknowingly trapped in the clutches of the corrupt cops. Akira plays Sonakshi Sinha and corrupt police are playing the role of leader Anurag Kashyap.

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