Monday 4 April 2016

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Amitabh Bachchan

TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS THE picture question of spotting differences ... was an APRIL FOOL GIMMICK !!
My sincere apologies to those that seemed to have got it right .. hahahahahahahaha ..
But here are some that fell a victim to it ..
Amitabh Bachchan
Basil Thankachan - Sir, In first picture u r hungry, thinking about Jayaji and you put Versace second picture you are not hungry, thinking about Aaradhya and you put Chanel perfume....Isn't that right Sir ?
Vedant Darbari - Eyes, Ring and the Right sleeve.
Vivek Mishra - ek chair me char point hai ek me teen
Rakesh Deepak Shukla - Only 1 difference Sir , the candle below the book self is missing in picture 1.
সুদর্শন ভট্টাচার্জী - I got one... in the left photo you are facing the photo in your right side but in the another, you are facing nothing... tongue emoticon
Kailash Ladha - Baut zoom kia last me dusro comment dekh kar pata chal gya ki i am fooled ..
Nevertheless enjoyed ..
Alok Kumar Jha - WO ‪#‎Red‬ dot se h 3 differences NiKaL RahA Hai..
1st-uske karan ek side book ki counting kam ho rahi Hai..
2nd-reD poiNt,uske karn dono pic k side mai differences
3rd-ek pic mai left side red poinT Hai ek mai Right side point Hai
Nitin Dew - Dearest Sir, i got some differences
1)shoe laces, 2)spectacles, 3)watch, 4)chairs etc.
ArCkie Ìshán - 1.the shoes are different
2.Books arrangements in Bookshelf
3.Number of window panels.
Palash Arya - Sir second wale pic mai aap saamne ki taraf dekh rahe hai....
Kamaldeep Bissa - Ohh....April fool But i got the difference
1.) Pic which is in left of screen is in left and pic which is in right of screen is in right (1st difference)
2.) 1st pic is copy (not totally) of 2nd (2nd difference)
3.) It's difficult to find third difference, but i got it, total number of leaf in 1st pic is greater than 2nd pic (you can count it) !!
Shashank Singh – sir , Changes on expression of lips, Changes in the apperance of white shirt on one hand , Last is fingers.
Raman Rekhi - Bachan saab di Thinking Change ho sakdi hai otherwise horr kuch nai hai
Rahul Mohata - In the First picture you are thinking How can we loose even after getting Gayle out so early... In the second one you are thinking Why did Kohli bowled the last over ?
Vivek Jain - 1.In the left pic there is a semi circle cut on the right side...but in the right side pic there is no such cut on the right side ..
2. In the right side pic there is a semi circle cut on the left side but there is no such cut on the left side of the left pic
3. There is a red dot in the right side of the left pice but that dot is on the left side of the right pic
Sheeba Rekhi Sinha - flower is missing..the left chair has a fold; whereas there is no fold in the right chair...ur finger ring is not visible in the left pic
Venkateash Kuncham - Change AT LEFT SIDE rose flower missing. hands small difference. fore arm slight change.
Vinay Bishnoi - Difference unmai hota hai sir ji joo uncomplte hoo but u are always complete man amit ji
Apeksha Reddy - The difference is in thinking, in first pic you are thinking hard and little angry as you are unable to decide how to fool as intelligent fan of yours and in second pic you are again thinking and angry but little more than the first as how come one of my fan has fooled me with a correct answer and now you have to fulfill the promise smile emoticon
Meera Krishnaswamy Chandramouli - Sir,..1) books in the he study ..2) wristwatch in your hand3) creepers in the room
Veena Ghai - The pic is same just one is bright and second is little. you're making april fool but we are smart, still give the chance to meet you, as never responded my message, when planning to come to usa?
Mania Das - Sir I got 3 but don't know these are same as you want.. 1.right side pic me top self Pe one red mark nehi he jab ki left wali me he. 2.ryt wali chair ke pachhe left side diwar Curly draw he left pic me nehi he.. 3.right pic ke top right corner left wali pic se alag hi he... Bus I found such.. But good puzzle
Salim Siddiqui - 1. ) When I close my left eye, I can see you sitting on my right hand side 2.) When I close my right eye, I can see you sitting on my left hand side 3) When I close both my eyes open I can still see you sitting perfectly side by side....RHS = LHS, Hence, proved. my teacher Mr. Shivaji Shrivastava mujhe SJC Allahabad me aise hi Algorithm sikhaate the Sir smile emoticon
Aman Kaushik - Differences : 1. Oxygen is more in right hand side pic. 2. Carbon Dioxide is less in left hand side pic. 3. More Nitrogen in right hand sidr pic. That's it! I won. See you soon, sir.
Vishwamohan Mishra - 1.right-u looking amazing.left- u looking awsom.
2.right-u looking like boss.left-u looking like king.
3.right-everything is perfect.right-nothings imperfect..
Nishant Sangam - 1. Color of bright spot just beneath the left thigh is different.
2. Pattern of court near right hand elbow is different.
3.location of green spot just above the button and below right hand is different.
Rakesh Sharma - What a great idea Sir ji to keeping busy to all of us as all we are great great fans of yours .
Diff. 1 you are looking handsome in picture 1
Diff. 2 you are looking very smart in picture 2
Diff. 3 you are looking smart & handsome in both the pics .
Inderpal Sanghera - 1. the left pics cheek is a bit fat. 2. in the right pics bookshelf, the bottom is sliding a bit. 3. the right pics corner at the top right is bigger then the other one.
Swapnil Kekane - Yes I found 3 Differences
1)in first pic there is no calendar other pic there is calendar it shows 1st April.
2)first pic is as normal However second pic is to make us fool
3)first pic there is Serious Mr. Amitabh Bachchan but second pic there is Mr. Naughty Amitabh Bachchan.
Avvhii Singh - In left side The forth book from upside in the Rack doesn't have page no. 47.
but the same book in right side has all pages
Raj Roy - Your face position changed in those pictures.
Amit Ranjan - three differences according to me
1) sleeves of your left hand shirt .
2) in first pic you are looking towards ur lft side and in second pic you are looking towards camera.
3) differences of fingers over your chin.
Lalmani Singh - Your belt and your mind and 3rd direction of air changes left to right w
Nitin Kataria - 1) You are wearing in the photo on the right sir but it's missing in the photo on the left..
2) The photo on the right is a touch bigger and the photo on the left is a touch brighter..
3) Probably the toughest one.. it's your socks sir. The red spots on your socks are missing in the photo on the right.
Saloshni Gengiah - On left no ring on right ring. On left face got a few marks that's different from right n on the left chair the spots around the 2nd nail is different from right. Hope I'm seeing right n this is not April fool's joke. My family n I especially my 15 year old daughter who is in a wheelchair simply love u n would love to get the opportunity to meet u
Kapil Goel - in the first you have purse ,hanky and wearing banyan under ur shirt but not in second
Khushboo S Mehta - 1)50 books left shelf,49 right 2)left pic coat made of 90%cotton right piccoat70%cotton30 %rayon 3)left pic u Luk fat by200 GMs
Maulik Patel - @SrBachchan I think not sure bt little difference in suit colour..Not sure bt I found its minor..possibility of making Aprilfool
Matlabi Aadmi - difference 1.Goggles 2. Shoes 3. Wrist watch.I did it sir Meet me soo
shalina   life @shalina18it that's the coolest way to make us stare at you 😛😍 ‪#‎AprilFools‬ 

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