Thursday 28 January 2016

Unexpected : Ranbir Kapoor's and Katrina Kaif Break Up Costs Him Rs 21 Crores

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Unexpected : Ranbir Kapoor's and Katrina Kaif Break Up Costs Him Rs 21 Crores

Katrina and Ranbir’s relationship has become the talk of the town. While people feel that both have parted ways, there has been no official confirmation from the two about this and it seems both have  put the split behind him and has decided to move on. However, the break-up with Katrina has cost Ranbir a whooping amount!

Two weeks later, the kiss seemed to turn bitter and the couple's lovey-dovey relationship came to an abrupt end. This resulted in Ranbir Kapoor moving out of the love nest into his new house in Wilson Apartments on Hill Road which occupies the entire top floor.

A source revealed to, "Ranbir's break-up is going to cost him financially. He will lose about Rs 21 crore after moving out from the house he shared with Katrina." Ranbir Kapoor had paid a security deposit of Rs 21 crores for the penthouse in Silver Sands, which will not come back to him since Katrina Kaif continues to live there.

Ranbir and Katrina’s love nest costed them a whooping amount and such was the case that Ranbir had to give 21 crores as a security for their love nest. They rented the penthouse for 15 lakhs! But now it seems, love has gone and so have Rabir and Katrina from the penthouse.

The couple had lived together at Silver Sands for a long time now, the duo had invested so much time and energy in doing up their love nest. Both had collected souvenirs from their trips to decorate their home. Alas! All this effort has gone to waste. What seems a little surprising is, that both look very happy post their break up.

While Katrina Kaif is all smiles during the promotions, like she has never been this happy, Ranbir Kapoor threw a small party to his close friends from Bollywood to celebrate his new home in Wilson Apartments.

Post break-up with Kat, Ranbir has moved to his new home in Wilson Apartments on Hill Road.

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