Friday 1 January 2016

Sonakshi is happy to make your dreams come true

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Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is happy to make your dreams come true. Sonakshi's music video "Iskholik 'is the debut as a singer.
Western dance form and the hippie look in the video Song has astonished the audience. Sonakshi said, 'I wanted to sing from the beginning. I did Sprk by Bhushan Kumar. He mixed me a lot of support and Meet Brothers. He songwriter Kumar made the finals in a week with everything. I am satisfied, because it always wanted to do. My dream has come true. ''
He said, 'Today I'm on the stage, it is nice to see, where I can do something for myself. There are many things that people can not. If I think I have the ability to do something good, intention, initiative and enthusiasm, then I will go and Krungik'iskholik'men I was free. I had to look at the concept and mind. Gifi director and stylist, Natasha, beautifully presented. 'Sonakshi Film'fors 2'men police officer in the roll. He said, 'It is very good roll. It could have been two-hero films. In the film, John and I are partners. It is for any girl is a glorious role. I'm meant RAW agent. '

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