Saturday 9 January 2016

OMG! Kishwar Merchant quits Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 9

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TV reality show 'Bigg Boss 9 "came out of the TV star says that his expulsion is Kishwar Merchant and the" unfair act was. After so many weeks in the Bigg Boss house vacated Kishvar Rs 15 lakh have been out of the show.

Kishwar Merchant, on of the strongest contenders, has left the ninth season of Bigg Boss.

Kishvar final tickets for the show house with the other contestants Prince Narula link has been contested, which finally took Jahan 15 lakh appear wise to go out and bowed out of the competition.

It happened during the ‘Road to Finale’ task on Bigg Boss 9. Out of the seven contestants, Mandana, Kishwar and Prince qualified for the final round to reach the finale.

Jahan said, "it was forced. It was quite difficult for me to decide. "He added," We were both very good opponent, but I know about the number of fans of the Prince, if I reach the finals, even if he lived by five per cent. "

But before you digest the reports of Mandana’s upcoming eviction, here comes a big shock for the audience.

However, Mandana Karimi stepped out of the task when Bigg Boss gave three choices.

1. Quit from the task, 2. Leave the show with a lump sum amount. 3. Stand trough the tough challenge like the ‘car task’ where the contestants had to sit in the garden area without food and no permission to use the washroom.

After Mandana withdraw, it was Prince Narula and Kishwar Merchant who were competing for the ‘ticket to finale’ and both were giving a tough competition to each other.

Soon, Bigg Boss intervened in the task with an offer that one of the two can leave the house with prize money of Rs. 6 lakh. While none of two were convinced with the offer, Bigg Boss raised the prize money to Rs 8 lakhs

It was then that both Kishwar and Prince got excited with the offer, however, they waited for Bigg Boss to hike the amount.

And when Bigg Boss hiked the prize moeny to Rs. 15 lakh, Kishwar pressed the buzzer and chose to quit the show.

While Kishwar is as pleased as punch over leaving the show, she took it to Twitter to share her happiness and tweeted, “Thank u guys for all the support and unconditional love .. missed u all so much!”

Though, Kishwar had taken a hefty amount with her, there are speculations that she might have opted to quit the show because of Suyyash Rai, as the actress was missing him post his eviction.

Meanwhile, Prince Narula has been declared as the first finalist of Bigg Boss 9. Now, only time will reveal if he is able to win the show or not.

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