Thursday 21 January 2016

Christian-Hindu customs were Asin, Rahul's marriage, Bollywood Akshay arrived just

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Asin and Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma's wedding ceremony was held in Delhi on Tuesday. The ceremony was entirely private affair, in which Bollywood Akshay Kumar just arrived. Christian wedding rituals in the morning and at night, according to the Hindu tradition there.

The couple got married according to Hindu rituals too. While we exclusively brought pics from the couple's white wedding, the second ceremony was kept as private as possible with strict security checks at Dusit Devarana- the resort where the two got married. Despite all, we happened to get our hands on a leaked picture of the couple that found its way on the internet has been doing round on social media. What we couldn't miss here was the affectionate way Rahul is looking at his partner. One look at the pic and you'll agree when we say that the two make for a very adorable couple.

Two hours went rituals of Hinduism ...

  • Asin and Rahul were running two hours for the wedding rituals of Hinduism. 
  • Which began at 6:30 pm wedding night lasted around 8.30 pm. 
  • During the wedding at the hotel only to those who go, who had been invited. 
  • Couple wanted to keep their wedding private. Entry to the media was not. 
  • Guests and close family members of Asin and he joined only.
When the marriage came back 21 pundit ...

  • Asin came on during the wedding of a great drama.
  • Wedding ceremony in Delhi's luxury hotel, Dusit Devran 'was getting into.
  • But 21 rounds come to the rituals conducted by the priest, angrily went without.
  • Pt Amaresh Mishra said, "to make rounds on Tuesday night had a conversation with our 21 partners. Wedding contractor told us Rs 2100 will alms. But we reached the hotel told us that 500 rupees each."
  • "It went through our partner angry."
  • Amaresh partner Shiv Pandit said, "We had reached the hotel at their expense. But we were saying that Asin, he returned to make the rounds of the youngest priests are needed."
What Asin appeared in costume ...

  • During the wedding designer Vera Wang Asin appeared in the white gown and petticoat Sbyasachi Mukherjee.
  • Christian custom wedding ceremony was attended by 50 people including the family and friends.
  • Hindu rituals at night, 200 guests were present during the rounds. ( Read -asin-Rahul's Love Story )
  • Dinner was entirely vegetarian.
Celebrity Chef Nishant Choubey prepared Cugin

  • Chef Nishant Choubey wedding guests Cugin prepared. 
  • Nishant Devran chef of Dusit Hotel. Even before they had held a kitchen for many celebrities. 
  • The cooking praise from Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan have to. 
  • 6 chefs in the world are those who Fols Louisiana Culinary Institute of America, John was selected for training. 
  • He was in Singapore are part of the world gourmet summit. He was selected for the master chef.
About the hotel where the wedding was ...

  • Asin and Rahul's wedding ceremony was held in Delhi luxury hotel Dusit Devran. 
  • NH-8, about 4.5 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport on the hotel. Away. 
  • There are two international restaurant. A bar where live piano.
Reception on January 23 in Mumbai

  • January 23 grand reception in Mumbai will. Bollywood's biggest celebrities and business world will participate.

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