Tuesday 5 January 2016

'Child bride' with the Aktras of police mistreatment, cases

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Big Boss' and TV's X Ktenstent Aktras Pratyusha Banerjee came to light is assaulted. Indeed, Pratyusha is accused of assaulting police. Pratyusha police wearing the dress and some people came to their flat in Kandivli compromised. Pratyusha the Kandivli police station filed a complaint against the policemen.
Pratyusha charged in connection with the recovery of the car loan some drunk came on December 30 in their flat. Pratyusha those people and had a fight with his friend. Pratyusha loan them were five thousand rupees, then drove his friend was coming from the recovery.
It is said that those who had complained against the police Pratyusha friend. In this connection the police had come to their house. Pratyusha alleged that the police abused. When the complaint reached Kandivli police station, he had to wait four hours. Dolly Bindra said the complaint was eventually to help them.

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