Tuesday 1 December 2015

When 13-year-old girl was Jackie loves and he left the royal family

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 फाइल फोटो : जैकी श्रॉफ और आयशा श्रॉफ
Jackie Shroff were parked beside the road a day, when her 13 year-old girl in school uniform sitting in the bus appeared. Jackie fell in love with her at first sight. He asked her name and said that they are going to a record store. What they would like to join them? Jackie then helped the girl to buy a music album. The girl is none, Ayesha was married to Jackie today.
After that meeting each other that they were impressed by the way the relationship soon turned into love. But both the love story is not simple. The problem was that Jackie was already in love with someone. When they met Ayesha, his girlfriend at the time was completing his studies in the US. Jackie was going to marry her after her arrival. Ayesha had two options, either to the Jackie always forget they or their girlfriends say clearly that they are in love and getting married are from Jackie. Ayesha chose the latter option. He wrote to Jackie's girlfriend told everything. Jackie and Ayesha later married.

Ayesha was the royal family

Ayesha was from the royal family. Suzanne grew up amid considerable affluence. But Jackie's sake they are willing to live with them in Chawl. He made sacrifices for Jackie. If the last 28 years together.

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