Saturday 19 December 2015

What were they talking about rapper Honey Singh Badshah?

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Punjab living and that DJ Babu 'fame famous rapper symbol Aditya Singh Sisodia's full name is king. Recently rapper king arrived in Lucknow, where he shares his heart of all things.
In 2007 the king called popular king said, "Entertainment is a must. Rap ​​industry is too big. It does not matter to anyone going. And I do not believe that I have gained from Honey Singh's absence . Indeed, the industry is just hard to get the point. that sells, there is a huge fan base. "
Speaking about rappers King said it is not a formula, which the audience can cheer every time. So the songs every time I try to try new formula. With this in Karan Johar's production next year, he said he Gaangekpnjab rap posing a big problem in the Drugs baron said he is very interested in film direction. He also wrote a script on the music industry.

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