Sunday 6 December 2015

Sunny Leoni remained China's Suprgrl, Video show in glamorous style

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 शांतनु माहेश्वरी और सनी लियोनी

Porn star Sunny Leone is back with a brand new song video ‘Super Girl from China’ sung by Kanika Kapoor and Mika Singh. Sunny looks absolutely hot in a thigh high skirt and crop top. The video starts with a bunch of guys who encircle our geek and ask him to order a china doll hinting “uske pass sab kuch bada bada hai”. 
The actor Shantanu orders the doll on his friends’ insistence and charges her for 10 hours and surprise! The doll becomes ‘Super Girl’ who gives him bath and cooks food for him. Dreamy stuff! hmmm

Kanika Kapoor and sung by Mika Singh Song

"From Suprgrl China 'lyrics to this song written by Shabbir Ahmed, while Kanika Kapoor is Mugik. It is sung by Mika Singh with corpuscle. Ahmed Khan has choreographed.

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