Friday 25 December 2015

Shah Rukh Khan shows us how AbRam reacted when he saw Dilwale – watch video!

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The Dilwale superstar mentions he was surprised that his kid sat through the 1 hour 30 minute movie without getting fussy!

Dilwale – watch video!

Shah Rukh Khan shows us how AbRam reacted when he saw Dilwale – watch video!

The King Khan is all smiles as he reveals to us how his son reacted when he saw Dilwale…

Another Shah Rukh Khan film, Dilwale, has done very well at the box office and people have loved the film. Though there are thousands which have loved his performance, one person’s reactions make a very serious SRK into a playful daddy. Yes, we are talking about AbRam. A while back it was revealed that AbRam was clapping while he saw daddy, Shah Rukh Khan on the silver screen.

So when we asked SRK if the reactions of his children matter to him and how did AbRam react while watching the film, we saw a glitter in the eyes of the actor. The serious interview turned into a light chat as King Khan spoke about his third child. He revealed, “He (AbRam) is two and a half. I wish everyone was watching the film with that thought that whenever they see Papa onscreen, they are happy, so then everybody would be happy seeing Dilwale. Even the serious critics will be happy, I wish they were thinking like that. You feel happy (seeing his reactions). I don’t know what he was reacting to, but when he saw the film, it was a rough edit. We were watching it in Hyderabad and it was longish, 1 hour 30 minutes. My daughter was there, Suhana and they both were sitting. I looked at my daughter and said, ‘See, he has never watched a film for a hour and a half and it’s very very loud and the screen is big, so I think he will get disturbed and wants to go back. So will you take him to the room, I’ll have to sit.’ She was little reluctant and she said, ‘I want to see the film.’ After an hour and thirty minutes passed, he (AbRam) was reacting the most. He was jumping and shouting and he went like (mimics) ‘oohhhh.’”

Talking about his reaction, SRK mimicked and said, “Then he (AbRam) would say, ‘Papa, the Kajal is come. It’s the Kajal, it’s the Varun.’ He knows everyone and we were quite surprised that he sat there 1 hour 30 minutes and he was reacting, laughing, he would hear everyone laugh. I don’t think he got the jokes, but he would hear everyone laugh and we would stop laughing and he would still continue after looking. So, it was fun to see him happy and that he sat through a film.”

Wasn’t that a cute reaction that AbRam gave after seeing daddy onscreen? See Shah Rukh Khan mimic AbRam in the EXCLUSIVE video interview with BollywoodLife below:


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