Friday 4 December 2015

Sarah wants challenging roles

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Actress Sarika says he is ready to play the role of any kind, whether on screen or small screen but then he Bdee role should be challenging. Sarah said, 'I'll get the opportunity I am ready for him. I do not negates any sort of style as an artist does not Aesa.
We always welcome different kinds of characters who challenge us. He said, 'My only criteria that should be appealing little story, and of course plays an important role as a director, her sensible and constructive should be. '' Starling Bipasha Basu hosted the program "Everybody feels fear" will be seen in an episode.
It said the show's producer, Sarah love and humility are like family, so they 'fear ... "So he came to them immediately accepted. Also part of the show's director Soumik Sen applauded.

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