Friday 18 December 2015

Ranbir hit by warp, "A lot of things do not clear Deepika '

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रणवीर ने मारा ताना, ‘बहुत सी बातें क्लियर नहीं करतीं दीपिका’
 Ranveer Singh is considered a special friend of Deepika Padukone. But recently, he made such a statement is something that probably do not like Deepika. Indeed, in response to a question Ranbir Deepika for the many things that they are not cleared.
Ranvir said these things then, when they film Bajirao-Mastani were talking to the media in connection with the promotion. Meanwhile, the Hollywood projects, she asked about them either, so he said, "I am very happy for them." But, she said, they were reminded that they still have not done anything about it is cleared, then Ranveer He said, "They do a lot of things are not clear."
2 years ago the film Ram Leela Ranveer-Deepika's friendship began on the set, "Bajirao-Mastani is already quite deep. Ranbir Deepika times, but has also expressed its Emotions Deepika do not ever speak openly about the relationship. Instead, he is always rated as a good friend of Ranveer. Perhaps that is why it is said that Ranbir.

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