Sunday 6 December 2015

'Paaji, I Want to Have Thighs Like Yours!'

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'Paaji, I Want to Have Thighs Like Yours!'

Even at 81 years of age, veteran actor Dharmendra looks as fit as a fiddle! His charm every much still intact, the actor who could once make women weak in the knees, is not kust acting, producing but has recently also ventured into sports. As per an interview in DNA,  he is the co-owner of CDR Punjab Royals in the pro-wrestling league.

Insisting on mainting a good physique, the actor says that these days the body is an actor's temple! He says, "Today, the show business demands it. In our times we didn’t need to have five packs or six packs. Nor did we have to show our body. I had done a shirtless scene in Phool Aur Patthar and forgotten about it.

Somebody found out that I was the first to go bare-chested on screen. But at that time I remember it evoked a ‘haw’ kind of response. Then there was  Dharam Veer where again I was bare-chested and also wore shorts. People started calling me He-man and garam Dharam after that. When Salman was doing Veer, he came to me and said ‘Paaji I want to have thighs like yours.’ I told him yeh mere maa-baap aur kudrat ke den hai and I have taken care of it.  As I said, I used to play a lot, which was an exercise. I remember when I would be asked to dance, I would feel, why should guys dance. Later, I realised dancing is also sort of an exercise. It makes you sweat and burns your calories. I used to sweat just trying to hold the rhythm (laughs), still I danced a bit."

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