Tuesday 15 December 2015

New Year with family and friends, she Mnaangi

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Priyanka Chopra with your family and friends to celebrate new year wishes. Priyanka Chopra these days is busy shooting his American TV show Quantico. Bajirao Mastani before the release of his next film, she arrives in Mumbai. Sanjay Leela Bhansali's role in the film she Kashibai.
  She said, 'Now Kwantikon I will return in January, the US, but before I want to celebrate the New Year with family and friends, but now I am planning something for four to five days.'
She said: 'I did nothing about Ugik two years but in 2016 I would definitely do something. I adored the Hunkbajirav Ugik Mastani are the families of protests about the film, Priyanka says, "Baji's family came to the set, but he did not protest. 500 years ago, you can not detect the truth. ''

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