Wednesday 2 December 2015

'Hate Story 3' see the Intimate Scenes, was unhappy daughter of Sharman

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'हेट स्टोरी-3' में इंटिमेट सीन्स देख, नाखुश थी शरमन की बेटी
Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi feels and everything is not right between his 10-year-old daughter Kyana. According to reports Kyana his father's 'Hate Story 3' are unhappy with the trailer, which his father has shown bold and give Intimate scenes.
Sherman showed his daughter promo film, which did not like them. Sharman says about this, "First I showed the promos of her film, but her reaction was not good. Kyana sister's cousin, who thanks to my daughter explained that this is part of my job. However, I have chocolate and Holiday to please him through, but now they are fine. He has ten years and are the parents of his friends in movies are often seen in the movies, is it more than me. (laughs) "
Character-based Sharman, who frequently rolls first film 'Hate Story 3' phrase will appear in bold scenes. According to reports, the first time he had rejected the offer. However, to challenge themselves Sharman played the role on screen.

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