Friday 4 December 2015

Do you know the desire of Malaika Arora?

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Bollywood actress-model known by her desire Malaika Arora Khan wants to start a restaurant. Malaika film actress, film producer, host and program has established itself as a judge. Malaika is now made ​​up of a combination of fashion and Tests wants to start a restaurant. Malaika said, 'I think it is time now to my dreams every day I'm getting closer to my dreams, but the floor is still far. I want to achieve something. It is a dream restaurant to open. ''
Malaika said, 'I am always looking forward to a meal. I want to bring together fashion and food. In-laws have considerable freedom to work. My in-laws with their children and their spouse is not any hindrance.  

Instead, he has always aroused excitement inside, I am a song that says to me that you have a good dance. 

'Malaika's husband Arbaaz Praising said that many things happen in our life . Arbaz in both good and bad times always have supported me. 'Malaika and Arbaaz soon a television reality show' power couple 'will be seen by the host.

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