Tuesday 15 December 2015

Deepika Padukone will work in thriller

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Deepika Padukone Dimple girl could be seen in the thriller. Bollywood suspense thriller director Sriram Raghavan centric these days are engaged in completing work on the script. Directed by Sriram last Film'bdlapur'ne did good business at the box office. Now Ram for his next film the previous days in advance to sign Deepika Padukone met Sriram Raghavan and he told her about the script and the characters.

Deepika Sriram has expressed the desire to do the film, but only after he completed the script of the film is said to be up. Deepika said that last time, getting them to the most romantic movies. The 'spectacle' and 'Bajirao Mstani'ke Deepika wants to do something different this time. Deepika Sriram Raghavan has expressed a desire to work in this suspense thriller.
Deepika has admitted that his next film about the last days Sriram Raghavan had a meeting with them and they liked the project of Ram, but Rama is still working on the script, the film right now to sign in The question does not arise. Deepika said the script is completed and fully knowing his character in the film after the Decision in this regard will be final. Deepika herself are very excited about working in a thriller. The film writer Vikas Swarup's book 'The Handyman accident "is based on, but also show something different from the book in the film Ram.

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