Sunday 6 December 2015

Daisy Shah Salman Khan and Zarine Khan because of differences?

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'Hate Story 3' appears in the beauties that were exhibited strongly Zarine Khan and Shah Daisy in the film are discussed in the reports of some misunderstanding.
In fact, in the film, according to a report on the two pair of Zarine Khan are unhappy with Daisy. Is it because Daisy in the film during the film promotions Lead Parallel tell themselves. Daisy Shah, during his interview to promote the film during the film saying it is not a showpiece but he also has a key role to play.  

Also see the trailer of the movie on the screen to Andaon bold Zarine Khan has more footage.
Daisy and Zareen also discuss the differences due to differences in the two Hsinaon Salman Khan. According to the discussions Salman Khan 'Hate Story 3 " during the process of the character of Daisy Shah is instructed to increase slightly by the fact Jarrin upset.
Daisy Shah and Zarine Khan, Salman Khan would be launching in Bollywood. Salman Khan with two stars as the lead actress in the film world, ventured into. Daisy Shah Salman's film "Glory" (2014) and Zarine Khan entered the Bollywood film 'Veer' (2010).
Hate Story starring Daisy Khan and Shah Zareen with your adult content are already circulating. The film is being released on December 4 Sharman Joshi and Karan Singh Grover are playing the lead role.

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