Sunday 13 December 2015

Both my sons to become actors: Sunny Deael

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Bollywood actor Sunny Deael said today his two sons Karan and RAJVEER interest in acting and soon they will start their career.
In fact, Sunny will himself be directing the debut film for his 23 year old son Karan next year, which will be followed by Rajveer's launch. He said, "Both Karan and Rajveer want to be actors. I will launch Karan next year when he will turn 24. I will be directing the film. Then we will focus on Rajveer." Sunny was speaking at an event in Delhi.

However Sunny stared that he does not believe that only star kids get the first chance to enter Bollywood as there are people from other backgrounds in the industry as well. 

Sunny also spoke about the impact of being Dharmendra's son, "I've never seen it that way. If I'll do that, I will not be able to work. It's not that only star kids are there in the industry. There are people from other backgrounds too. I've not seen it as an advantage or a disadvantage."

However Sunny ruled out any plans of entering politics like his father and said, "When dad joined politics we didn't know much about it. But I don't have any such intentions. I'll never get into politics."
Sunny Deol is currently busy shooting for 'Ghayal Once Again'.

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