Tuesday 8 December 2015

BIGG BOSS 9: The show was by far the smallest of the EVICT Kantestent

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Serial "a heroic Ardas: Veera's Veera Digangna Suryavanshi alias' Big Boss 9" are out. The audience votes on Ivikshn but the housemates were at the base of the votes. The 18-year-old Digangna of the show is by far the smallest Kantestent.

The father expressed pleasure Digangna

Digangna go out of their father Neeraj sooryavanshee happy. dainikbhaskar.com during the conversation said, "I am very happy that he is out. He was not a feel-good atmosphere of the big boss of the house was not right for him. Honestly, the health of us was worried. Now she has come out so we can take care of him. He has 18 years in the big boss is too small to handle the Sichuashans. "

The purpose was to see the reality of life

According to the father of Digangna 'Bigg Boss' to see the reality of life their aim was just. He says, "I like Big Boss his Gurukul, where she cooking, cleaning the house and learned many things. The house of her mother ever do such work does not allow him, but 'Big Boss', all he did . My daughter has changed a lot. I am glad that the decision to take part in the reality show I was standing with him. He is very popular. People did not know his real name, but now everyone her Digangna calls him. He has become a big name. I have the Proud. "

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