Friday 11 December 2015

b'dy: The Tragedy King Dilip Kumar started 'Travel'

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Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar, who served as one of the strong performances and strong dialogue delivery has left an indelible impression on the hearts of film lovers. In 1955 release 'Devdas' Who can forget the scene in which the gum of Paro is Devdas say 'Who Cmkht drinks to live' so that her face was not on screen but their voices heart Gmjada The depth is reached.
Dilip Kumar's journey began here was released in 1957, Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala starrer classic film outdoor scenes were filmed in the state. The entire outdoor shooting Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal was in the countryside. Rural and beautiful mountainous terrain was perfectly suited to the film. About eight months to shoot the film crew had to live in rural areas of Hoshangabad and Bhopal.
December 11, 1922 Peshawar (now in Pakistan) Dilip Kumar alias Yusuf Khan, born in a family of 13 was the third child of his parents. He received his early education from Pune and Deolali. Then his father began to help with the business of fruit Ghulam Sarwar Khan. After a few days in the fruit trade not mind being the actor left the job and started firing in Pune canteen. Bombay Talkies in 1943 met with the legislative Devika Rani, who received recognition for their talents invited to Mumbai.
Dilip Kumar has not first thing in the canteen but also in business Uct mind when he decided to meet Devika Rani. Devika Rani Yusuf Khan suggested that he change his screen name that his new film 'tide' could work as an actor. Devika Rani Vasudev Yusuf Khan, Jahangir and asked to choose a name of Dilip Kumar. In 1944 release 'tide Bata'se his cinematographic debut as an actor.
Dilip Kumar's film career in 1960, another important film Mughal-e-Azam was released. Historical background of the. Directed by Asif Salim-Anarkali in the film on the love story of Prince Salim Kumar's role on the silver screen has to offer. Displayed in 1961 film 'Ganga Jumna' by Dilip Kumar also stepped into the field of film production.
After the success of the movie actor then decided to make the film, but due to the bad behavior of those Inkmtaks He again excused himself to filmmaking. Hindi and Bhojpuri film Ganga Jamuna mix of Dilip Kumar and his experiment was a great success. Dilip Kumar in the film starred his brother Nasir Khan. In 1966, Kumar was married with actress Saira Banu.
In 1967 release "Ram and Shyam Kumar's film career proved to be a runaway hit film star-. Two twin brothers in the film based on the story and fearless Dbu dual roles as Kumar won the hearts of the audience was extremely frank and stimulating manner thereby. In the film "Ram Aur Shyam" inspiration from filmmakers also produced several films dual role.
In 1976 release "bairaag" Almost five years after the failure of Dilip Kumar took a break from the film industry. In 1980, at the behest of producer-director Manoj Kumar, Dilip Kumar starrer 'revolution' as a character actor began his film career in the second innings. With its strong character in the movie actor's delight audiences once again made the film a hit.
Let me tell you a thing like that every time the actor will make his birthday. He wrote the tweet, "I have decided not to celebrate any birthday, because people lost their lives in Chennai has increased and I am sad." Another tweet he wrote, "My sympathy is with the people of Chennai. My health is good and I wish I could be there is like a second home to me. "

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