Wednesday 16 December 2015

Alicia Vikender hopes that soon would remove gender inequality in Hollywood

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Alicia Vikender says co-star's role dominated by men, but they also think that it is changing over time. Digital Spy reports X Msina's 27-year-old actress says that gender inequality is mainly exists in Hollywood.

Vikender said, 'women are talking together on .... it's reality. Change is coming ... and I want to be part of it.
He said, 'I am very new ... I Thyzklekin reading scripts for many years you can see that "The Hunger gas' and' Insrgnt films like clean even on the spur of the female characters Films can succeed. 'actress also believes that female characters are not required to harden them for the impressive show. Vicentder with social media even dubbed stressful.
The Guardian reports: "The Danish Girl 'actress said she once all the information related to your career through Facebook and Twitter to share with your fans attempted. But he could only Aesa only two weeks because they raise 'stressful' began. Vikender said, 'I tried to Aesa for two weeks, but the pressure was coming at me constantly share information. I was very tense. ''

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