Sunday 20 December 2015

10 Reasons People Loved Dilwale And You Will Too!

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Yes, I finally watched it. The most awaited movie of the year – Dilwale! We finally saw Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan together once again after a gap of five long years. As an ardent SRK-Kajol fan, the entire experience was SO overwhelming. I won’t say much now because I can’t wait to list the things I loved about Rohit Shetty‘s Dilwale.

Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol (Source: Tumblr)
Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol (Source: Tumblr)

1) SRK-Kajol

No one needs to justify this point. It was so refreshing to see these two in a love-hate relationship. Both of them did a brilliant job… once again!

2) Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon

Dilwale (Source: Tumblr)
Dilwale (Source: Tumblr)
Varun and Kriti shared a great chemistry. They are not overshadowed by the SRK and Kajol factor; in fact, these two hold their ground and impress you with their screen presence.

3) The locations

Okay first, the locations in the movie are breathtaking. From Goa to Bulgaria to all things that were Gerua (yes, it was real!); Rohit knows how to make his locations stand out!

4) Sanjay Mishra

This man deserves a standing ovation. Every time he came on screen, I just couldn’t control my laughter. He was HILARIOUS!

5) Rest of the cast

One of the best things about Dilwale is the supporting cast. This super entertaining bunch consists of Boman Irani, Varun Sharma, and Johnny Lever.

6) Just the right songs

Dilwale (Source: Tumblr)
Dilwale (Source: Tumblr)
The songs of this movie were already resonating in our heads, now they will be stuck in them for longer. The songs are so perfect. From my personal favourite Gerua to Manma Emotion Jaage – songs are one of the biggest plus points of Dilwale.

7) The action

It’s a Rohit Shetty movie, so obviously there is going to be a lot of action.Yes, there are cars flying, bullets flying, people flying, dupattas flying… (oh wait, that’s Gerua). Anyway, there is just the right amount of everything in this movie!

8) The storyline

I, honestly have so much appreciation for a director like Rohit. He knows exactly what the audience wants and he gives it to them. Dilwale has the power to make you laugh, cry and keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s all-in-one!

9) So much bromance

SRK and Varun play brothers in the movie, and their pyaar ka bandhan will give you too many feels. And that’s not the only bromance in the movie – we can’t get over the Varun and Varun bromance. Dhawan and Sharma play best friends and love each other like real bros!

10) One for everyone

Dilwale (Source: Tumblr)
Dilwale (Source: Tumblr)
Dilwale is a family movie – yeah, the one that you watch with mummy, daddy, Sonu, Monu and everybody else. There is something for everyone here.

There are so many feelings right now, I suggest you watch it and come back here to discuss it!

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