Thursday 19 November 2015

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The Traveller in Me - In the words of Richa Chadha

  • The Traveller in Me - In the words of Richa Chadha
  • The Traveller in Me - In the words of Richa Chadha
  • The Traveller in Me - In the words of Richa Chadha

Feisty actor Richa Chadha, who shone through her performance in films like ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!’, ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’, ‘Fukrey’, ‘Goliyon Ki Rasleela – Ram Leela’ and many others, is quite unlike other Bollywood belles. While most prefer to tread on the customary path, this unconventional gal is always ready to do things differently. Be it work or her idea of enjoying life, everything she does reflects her unpretentious and exuberant attitude.

We catch up with the lovely actor to talk about travel, party, food, and leisure. Read on…

What is your idea of fun?
Travelling! I love to travel. Thankfully, all my friends are located in different parts of the world…so I have a place to stay everywhere. Be it Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Sweden, New York, Los Angeles…  I have someone to take care of me everywhere across the globe. So I try to make most of it.

Obviously, you travel a lot, so which is your most favorite holiday destination?
I like traveling anywhere. Be it in India or overseas… as long as I am exploring new places, doing new things, I am happy. I am looking forward to going to Kashmir and Ladakh this year… will plan the trip as soon as I get some time and, of course, my friends need to be free too.

And what kind of holiday do you prefer… a luxurious one or an adventurous one?
It all depends on what I want to do and whom I am going with. At the end of the day, it has to be fun. So, when I want to go for water rafting or rock climbing or sky diving I will opt for an adventurous trip, and if I just want to relax and enjoy the good life, I will aim for good luxurious holiday.

One unexplored and extraordinary travel destination that you crave to visit…
I want to visit Machu Picchu. It is definitely my dream destination. It is the icon of the old Inca civilization and is situated in Latin America.

What is your idea of unwinding after a long tiring day?
I know it is not good, but I watch television. If I really want a break, I would go for a nice rejuvenating massage. I also like to have friends over for a nice meal or I step out with them.

So are you a party person?
Party? Where do you party in Mumbai or anywhere else in this country? It is sad that you are expected to be home by 12.30…everything shuts down by that time.  And they always blame it on girls’ safety.  I do love dancing, but I cannot do it much here.

Which is that one place where you can just let down your hair, not be bothered about the rest of the world, and just be yourself?
Whenever I travel abroad, I go to a nightclub. I really like Dubai. The government there is really working towards making it the next urban center and they have some amazing places to party. I enjoy a lot over there. Otherwise, it is New York; I think it is the best.

What kind of music do you usually groove to?
It majorly depends on my mood. I usually like hip-hop and R&B.

Do you have any favorite lounge places in India?
I usually like to go to a nice place with interesting food. When I am in Delhi, I love going to Bukhara – ITC Maurya… I love the food there, especially Dal Bukhara. Other places I like to go when in Delhi is – Gulati, and The Big Chill Café for banoffee pie, they have the best.
In Mumbai, I love the Churchill Café in Colaba. I visit Hakkasan in Bandra regularly. Another favorite in Mumbai is Kofuku because I like oriental food. There is this tiny place next to my house, which is my favorite too, called Trikaya.
How would you like to spend an evening out with a special someone?
I would love to go to Venice with my special someone.  It is a beautiful place, it has an old world charm to it, and yet it has all the luxuries of the modern world. I usually like peaceful, secluded places, which are not commercial tourist hot spots.

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