Monday 16 November 2015

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The foreword of Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s book The Great Indian Diet written by Anil Kapoor !

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, The Great Indian Diet, Anil Kapoor
Shilpa Shetty Kundra now turns author with “The Great Indian Diet” ,a diet and nutrition book that reiterates how nutritious your locally grown and sourced ingredients are and encourages people to look for good health within our Indian borders.

The book which will release on World Nutrition Day , will have the foreword written by none other than Anil Kapoor. Typically written by someone other than the primary author of the work,the foreword often tells of some interaction between the writer of the foreword and the book’s primary author or the story the book tells.

Shilpa and Anil Kapoor who starred in Badhaai Ho Badhaai, share a great equation over the years and the newly turned author could think of no one better than the forever-young and fit superstar to write the foreword of the book.

Says a source, “When Shilpa approached Anil Kapoor for this and requested him to write the foreword, he immediately agreed and was kicked with the idea. Shilpa deeply admires and respects Anil Kapoor , as he has consistently remained fit and followed a healthy lifestyle, which has set an example to everyone in the industry”.

Confirming the news says Shilpa, “Anil Kapoor is a true inspiration.His fitness levels are inspirational. He was the perfect example of someone who is disciplined and follows a healthy lifestyle and that is exactly the kind of star I needed to talk about the book”

“The Great Indian Diet” will be published by Penguin Random House ,the world’s most global trade book publisher. The book has been co-authored by Luke Coutinho, an International collaborator with Yale University, Griffin, Prevention and Research center, CT, USA. Luke who has also authored ‘ Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right ‘ combines nutrition, exercise, sleep and spirituality/stress management in his approach to help people with their health goals.

Together, Shilpa and Luke, hope to shed light on several taboos associated with food, staying true to their Indian roots .”The Great Indian Diet” touches upon various food categories and not only tells you how to take care of your nutritional intake but also how to burn fat in the process. The combined experience of a professional nutritionist and an uber-fit celebrity who lives by the diet will open your eyes to why Indian food is the best in the world.

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