Wednesday 11 November 2015

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Sonam Kapoor: Salman Khan HATES leaving a film set because he is a workaholic!



Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor would be greeting us this Diwali with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. We caught up with Sonam for an EXCLUSIVE chat about all things PRDP, Salman Khan and more.

Read on for excerpts from the interview…
First of all tell me who came up with the idea of sharing all the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Dubsmash videos?   
Prabal Gurung came up with the idea. It’s so good because the beat is so great! Have you seen the mash-up of Beyonce doing it? That was so cool, I loved it!
Which PRDP Dubsmash is your favourite?

Waheeda ji and Helen ji! They are so cute. It was the most touching of all.

Did you expect it to become such a rage?

No, I had no idea. Everybody should be doing it!

Tell me what makes Princess Maithili a special character

Well, she is a modern girl, she works, she knows what she wants and she is not afraid to ask for it and that is amazing about her. There is a scene in the film where she tells her fiancé that “listen to me if you’re not happy I’m not happy, I can’t deal with the stress. I rather be alone I am very happy on my own and don’t worry I’ll speak to my parents and my grandmother and we’ll settle it because I’d rather be calm. It is done in a full Sooraj Barjatya style but I love that attitude of saying that this is what it is and the great thing is that then he (Maithili’s fiancé) tries to win her over. That is the most amazing thing I find about Maithili. These days women are so afraid to be alone that they will settle for anything. I think the great message that this character gives out is fight for what you need and what makes you happy and don’t settle for anything. If the guy really loves you he’ll fight for you and give you what you deserve and if not then he is not worth your time.

What will a common girl who is not from a royal background take away from the film?

People loved Khoobsurat and it was in a royal setting, it was so beautiful! It was about a regular girl who says that even if you are prince dude it doesn’t matter, you need to take me for who I am! So there is a knight in shining armour but I will not change for him, which was an incredible idea. People took to it because the emotion was right and it is the same thing with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. The ideas, morals, the ideals are right it’s about the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters, boyfriends, fiancés or husbands; the crux is that we have stopped communicating. We have 3000 means of communication and it’s the easiest to communicate in this day and age but we actually don’t communicate. We are glued to our phones and stuff but we are talking into space instead of talking to people. I loved the idea that if you just say it out loud then anything can be solved. The main thing is that communication fixes relationships. It is a very simple idea but it is done in a beautiful way so that people enjoy watching it.

The grandeur of PRDP is unparalleled…

There are some amazing films made but a lot of people don’t go and watch them because they want to watch beautiful things and be entertained because they have spent that kind of money to go into a theatre and watch it. I hope people accept PRDP for what it and not criticise it. There is grandeur and beautiful stuff but beyond all of that it is a simple story which should make people happy.

You are looking no less than a goddess in the movie. Did you sit and ideate with the costume department?

Anamika Khanna has designed my clothes and my mother has given the jewellery very kindly but I have styled it myself. So Sooraj ji just gave me all the freedom that I wanted. He would tell me that these are the colours and if I didn’t like something I would just ask his, “Sir, do you think this color would be better?” Once my costume was decided everybody else’s costume would be decided based on that. He was so sweet. I am going to miss working with Sooraj so much, I hope he takes me in his next film I don’t know if it’ll happen or not. I was like how am I going to work with anybody else because he literally treated me like a princess.

Did you look at any reference points like previous Rajshri heroines while prepping for your character?

Salman Khan says this and I don’t know if it’s true but apparently Sooraj ji wrote this role for me. I just know that Sooraj ji was like “Sonam just be yourself, just be the way you are” and I was like

What was the hardest part about playing Princess Maithili?

I feel really stupid saying this but it was wearing all the clothes and the jewellery and dancing. You’ve seen my movies, when have I ever been dressed up in my movies? The last film I was dressed up in was Aisha and after that haven’t been dressed up at all. So it was really hot and I was dancing with all this jewellery, lehengas and dupattas on my head and I just wanted to tear everything off! For the first twenty minutes I was like these are so beautiful and I look amazing and after the third day I was dying saying get this off me!

What’s one thing about Salman that you discovered only after working with him on PRDP?

Salman hates leaving set. He is a workaholic and he doesn’t like to not work!

Who was the goofiest on the sets?

Swara Bhaskar is the goofiest. She is mental. I’m going to dig up some really stupid videos of her and put them up without her knowing. ‘EXPOSED! Swara Bhaskar is a goofball’ should be your headline!

What’s your fondest memory from the film?

It was my make-up artist Namrata Soni’s birthday and we decided to ask Salman to come and celebrate with us. He had to leave that night because he had to shoot for Bigg Boss that night but he came, he wished her at 12 he stayed with us for an hour and half! Isn’t that the nicest thing?

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