Monday 30 November 2015

Rishi Kapoor, Ranveer Singh took the mess, made fun of dressing sense!

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Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor often remain in the spotlight because of his controversial statements. Remain in the spotlight once again. He tweeted that the region has become a gossip.
The Rishi Kapoor in which he put a photo on Twitter Actor Ranbir Singh, the clothing is of a colorful wallpaper. He wrote 'Exotic Venetian colours! Be the canal or self. Truly Magnific! '
The few days ago, Ranbir Singh in colorful clothes were spots in the airport, which was scoffed at him too much on social media.

Rishi Kapoor and his dad jokes always make us laugh on Twitter, this time his target is Ranveer Singh (whose outfit at an airport spotting reminded us of the clothes we wore in childhood). But we know that these jokes come from a good place so we’re sure Ranveer won’t be offended. Knowing him, he might reply to Rishi ji with a fun tweet!


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