Monday 16 November 2015

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Mandana Karimi is winner material on Bigg Boss

Mandana Karimi, winner, Bigg Boss
If there is one contestant who embodies the spirit of Bigg Boss this season, it is undoubtedly Mandana Karimi. Apart from being the most beautiful face this season (Rishabh Sinha not withstanding), Mandana has shown she has most of the qualities required to survive India’s No.1 reality show.

This, combined with the backing of Bollywood’s only PR guru Dale Bhagwagar who has handled the publicity and crisis management for Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty and some 19 other contestants of Bigg Boss, Mandana has a lethal combo of media hype and talent.

As the public relations expert himself puts it, “The girl has grit, determination, spunk, figure, beauty, fashion sense, audacity, honesty, go-getter spirit, intelligence, smartness and survival instincts; though not necessarily in that order.”

Dale adds, “Mandana can be described as a complete woman of substance, making her total winner material.” Yes, we have surely seen her zest for survival and entertainment. But we wonder what kind of PR brief has the publicist given her.

“Oh, simple. I’ve briefed her on the lines of the art of war. You win; you break; you stand; you fight; you hold; you breathe; you fight back; you survive… somewhat on those lines and much more.” Whoa! “The underlining strategy is to be herself and showcase her true persona,” Dale discloses.

We ask Dale to reveal a secret and he stuns us again. “Mandana thinks Bigg Boss is a game. Though I’ve asked her to treat it as one, I don’t completely believe in that. I don’t take Bigg Boss as a game. I think Bigg Boss is twisted reality; a hard fact of our lives craving for voyeuristic drama.”

“Apart from that, it’s serious business… the business of entertainment. It’s a vicious cycle that begins from consumerism and ends at psychology. In a broader perspective, it also gives an edge to the fabric of society and influences way of life. And that is why the Boss is always righteous.” We wonder what this guy eats.

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