Monday 9 November 2015

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Here’s why Dilwale might be the BIGGEST hit of Shah Rukh Khan’s career

The December 18 release has the potential to break the Chennai Express record

Shah Rukh Khan played the perfect host and showed us parts of his magnum opus Dilwale starring Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Varun Sharma and Johnny Lever. What we watched not only blew our mind, but also made us wonder if Dilwale will emerge as SRK’s biggest hit ever, beating the record held by Chennai Express. Dilwale has everything going for it. Great music, stunning visuals an amazing ensemble and a director whose score at the ticket window is unbeatable. Here are top 5 reasons why Dilwale might beat Chennai Express to emerge as his BIGGEST hit:

#1 The SRK – Kajol pairing

They are the quintessential ever green jodi of Bollywood. As they say, ‘often imitated but never duplicated’, there are several SRK-Kajol aspirants but no one who will ever come close. And we mean NO ONE! Just like there can only be one Taj Mahal, similarly no one can ever replace the magic that these two create on the big screen. The scenes in Dilwale we watched not only restored our belief in this fact , but it also gave us new reasons to obsessed over them. Whether it is the Iceland track or the first time they meet, there is magic written all over it. Rohit has clearly managed the coup of the year by reuniting SRK and Kajol after a gap of five years (My Name is Khan in 2010).

#2 Rohit Shetty’s vision

Bigger, bolder and better! That seems to be the mantra of Rohit Shetty with Dilwale. It is evident that he’s gone all out with this film. Not just visually but also in terms of plot and story telling, this seems to be his most cohesive and well thought project. Of course if its a Rohit Shetty film you can’t get away from the fact that there will be cars blown up in mid air, chase sequences and high octane action scenes. But mind you in Dilwale, the cars that explode mid air, are no ordinary cars. Think of Fast and the Furious and amplify that ten fold. This should give you an idea of the benchmark that Rohit has set with Dilwale. The action is definitely on par with Hollywood films like the James Bond franchise, or Bourne Identity chase scenes. Both Rohit and Shah Rukh have invested a lot in ensuring that they break new ground in film making.

#3 Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon
These two will emerge as the hottest new jodi of the season. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon’s pairing is one of the USP of the film. They not only look good, but there is a certain freshness to their pairing. Varun’s popularity with Alia in terms of on screen chemistry will get some serious competition from Kriti. Even though she’s just a film old (Heropanti), Kriti stands her own ground in Dilwale. And mind you she has some really important scenes opposite Kajol in the film. We watched a couple of songs with Varun and Kriti and can easily say that the song in Bulgaria will be a sure shot chartbuster.

#4 Family entertainer

Rohit Shetty makes family entertainers. He’s always maintained that the only acclaim and accolades that matter to him come from the audience and not the critics. Keeping that thought in mind, Dilwale will be a mammoth entertainer. The scenes we watched had all the staple ingredients of an all time blockbuster. Loads of humour, ample action, high end drama and gorgeous visuals. If this doesn’t draw you to the theatres then we don;t know what will !

#5 Pritam’s melodies

Looks like Pritam kept the best for the last. The music of Dilwale is a MAJOR highlight of the film. Especially the Iceland track sung by Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghosal is going to become a die hard favourite of the romantics. The peppy and up tempo song with Varun and Kriti in Bulgaria is a sure shot winner and has a hook and a chorus that will get your foot tapping. Once the sound track is out, the music of the film is going to top the charts. There is also a song that features the entire team which will be shot soon.

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