Friday 20 November 2015

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DILWALE V / S. BAJIRAO: SRK-Bhansali meeting

Bchchans Diwali party which has Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali came too. Both came face to face. Hi-Hello speak increased fire and the two talked for about half an hour. Party attendees were stunned to see both get such a month later because SRK's Dilwale "and Bhansali's" Bajirao Mastani "bump in the collision, which is said to be the biggest of the year.
People felt that the collision because of the bitterness of the SRK and Bhansali will avoid facing each other, but that did not happen. Sources say that even though the two have decided to compete in his films, but they will not say anything against each other.
Earlier in 2007, the two films 'Sanvrian' and 'Om Shanti Om' has collided. Before the release of the two camps against each other was all rhetoric and SRK's film was further diluted Bhansali.
Party both praised each other's films. Where Khan 'Bajirao Mastani liked the songs so Bhansali' Dilwale 'trailer.

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