Thursday 19 November 2015

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Did Salman Khan just confess that he did CERTAIN films for the sake of friendship?


Looks like the Dabangg star won’t make movies for the sake of making anymore!

After 27 years in Salman’s film career, he has now decided to put a stop to doing films for the sake of doing it. Turning all serious, eh? A leading portal claims that Salman Khan won’t be doing films just for the sake of doing them as he wants to make his viewers better people! Well, if you see sanskari Prem and honest Pawan, you’d know what the actor is trying to say!

But wait. While the actor made his peace with doing good films that connect to the audience, he also revealed that he did films to maintain a good relation with his friends! The actor was quoted saying, “Now, I don’t want to do movies just for the sake of doing them. Earlier, when dates were available, I thought, ‘Let’s do a film’. I also considered a project, thinking, ‘Do the film, else my friendship will go bad.’ But now, things aren’t like that.” Oops! Looks like Bhai’s serious attitude towards friends is going to result in a lot of No’s for his friends! Unless they come up with scripts that intrigue him.

What’s with this sudden change though Salman? Your serious attitude sure will put other Khans a go for their money! And now that the Dabangg star has become picky about his films, we wonder whose movies he did for the sake of maintaining friendship. Any guesses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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