Monday 9 November 2015

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Comedy Nights With Kapil: Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor have a laugh riot on the show!


The Prem Ratan Dhan Payo jodi appeared on the show today and Salman just couldn’t stop laughing…

Sonam Kapoor and Salman Khan have been juggling from one show to another these days to promote their upcoming film, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. They were seen today on Bigg Boss 9, Prem Ki Diwali and finally Comedy Nights With Kapil. The jodi had an amazing time on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil and if you have missed it, don’t worry. We ha e you covered. Here are all the highlights from the show:

The show started off with Kapil’s solo act where he cracked some silly jokes and made everyone laugh. As the mood was set, he called upon Salman Khan.

The Superstar walked on to the stage in a blue kurta and a black pyjama. As soon as he entered the stage, the audience hooted and cheered for him.

Getting on the attack, Salman started telling Kapil that the show’s host troubles him a lot. He complained to him that Kapil doesn’t even let him rest on Diwali. He says, “Aap commitment mangte ho, aur humein nibhana padta hai (You ask for commitment and I have to follow it).”

While asking about childhood Diwali memories, Kapil said that now Salman might be celebrating Diwali lavishly. To that Salman said “No, with just 750.” Kapil was shocked and asked him, ” Rs 750 crore.” That’s when Salman reveals, “No, I meant Rs. 750. It is related to my childhood. My dad had a salary of Rs 750 and one day while celebrating diwali, me and my brothers decided to burn paper. I couldn’t find any in front of me, so I started searching around. I saw a pile of notes and we burnt them, that time I didn’t have an idea of money and all. After that I have never burnt anything.”

Salman then revealed that he doesn’t burst crackers and that’s when he spots an unusual cracker. He told Kapil that he thinks he saw Katrina on the packet of that cracker. Kapil went over and checked and it had Katrina’s photo on the cover. Kapil praised him and said, “Your eye-sight is amazing. You saw it so easily, while I couldn’t spot it. I am here from so long, the set up was also ready, but I couldn’t spot her.” Salman fires back, “What would you do seeing her? There is nothing you can do?” They both started laughing, but they controlled themselves somehow. Salman then went on and said, “There is nothing I can do too.” They both laughed again.

The conversation went ahead when Kapil spoke about Paparazzi and rumours that are spread. He wenr on to tell Salman that he has heard a rumour about Kat recently, to which Salman says, “I have heard it too. Her relationship is going good, so I am happy for her. She can share, if she share she will get more attention. I wouldn’t mind.”

Kapil also asked him about the engagement rumour (to Iulia Vantur), to which Salman replied, “Yes, I also heard that rumour. The best part was someone called my dad and told him about it. He came up to me and congratulated me. Then he asked me, ‘Will you be with her or leave her too?’” The duo started laughing more loudly.

Kapil then pulled Salman’s leg when he asked, “You have worked with many heroines in your life. In real life, how many heroines have you had?” Salman remained quite. Kapil again asked, “Are you counting? ….. Still counting?” Salman said, “Next question.”

Kapil then went on to ask him, “I have heard that you like international stuff more (laughs), so why didn’t you do international films?” Salman laughed and answered, “I don’t have a liking for international things, I like Indian things. But there is a problem. In today’s time, Indian things have become international and international things have become Indian. So, I am trying t0 find the right combo.” Kapil started laughing after hearing this.

Kapil then asked what would happen if Sooraj Barjatiya makes Titanic. An amused Salman said, “If he would have made it then the breaking ship, would come back and it wouldn’t drown. The (nude) paintings would be covered with cloth and kisses would happen through glass.”
The duo have a li’l more fun before calling upon stage Sonam Kapoor. She entered with a beaming smile in a silver and red embroidered lehenga with a pink choli.

Kapil revealed to Sonam that her father had hit (acting) a guy when he asked about marrying you. So, when he asked what she thought about it and marriage, she revealed, “My father doesn’t feel that I should get married. I have seen this scene (hitting a guy in real life) many time.”

Salman also jumped in and said, “My father also thinks I should not get married. He says I have done two, you don’t need to.”

Kiku Sharda and Kapil’s sister-in-laws in the show come to meet Salman and that’s when Kiku says that his steps don’t match the lyrics and he should change the steps. He gave his suggestions for the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo title track too and it was just too hilarious.

Later on, a girl in the audience asks Salman if he likes chubby girls too as he has always been linked with slim girls. He said yes, so the girls asked him to prove it by giving her a tight hug. Salman calls and gives her a hug, that’s when she said, “This proves that you love all kind of girls.” This makes Salman laugh a lot.

A lady wants to do the Aankhon ki gustakhiyaan step with Salman, so she gets a wig and she tries t tie it. Seeing that she can’t tie it herself, Sonam comes and tries to help her, but it’s Salman who finds a solution and makes her wear the wig in the end. The duo do the Aankhon ki gustakhiyan step and she leaves them smiling.

A Sonam fan sings Main Hoon Hero Tera for her. He forgets in between but still continues. His style of singing makes everyone laugh.

Ali Asgar comes dressed up as Kapil’s mother and she speaks about Rajshri films and while going gives Salman a few DVDs including Jism, Murder 2 and Hate Story, so that he can give it to Sooraj Barjatiya to give him an idea to make films with two actors.

In the end, Kapil’s father-in-law, Sunil Grover, comes on the stage. He talks to all of them before doing the Thumka from the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo title track. he keeps on doing it in a very funny way. Salman keeps on laughing and goes crazy. He even falls on the sofa.

Ali and Sunil start playing in water. In fact Sunil even sits in a container of water. He again comes out and starts doing the thumka step in a weird way. Salman continues to laugh throughout. Sunil falls, but he still continues.

That’s where the show ends. It was a really entertaining and fun show. If you have watched the show, the tell us if you liked it or not in the comments section below!

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