Thursday 19 November 2015

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Check out celebrities who are not at all ‘Bigg Boss material’

There is no denial that notorious reality show Bigg Boss is definitely a much needed platform for all the aspiring or ‘out of work’ actors who are desperately looking to be in news again for all the right or wrong reasons. The show instantly turns you into a household name and you come into the notice of many filmmakers, besides the public. Also, hefty money is what you get in addition. No wonder, the show has been a lucrative offer to many who happily lock themselves in a house and willingly live under the scrutiny of cameras 24 hours, for 3 months.   
However, the case is not the same for many stars too. There are a number of celebs who have out rightly refused to be a part of the show claiming that it’s not their cup of tea. Check out who made headlines by doing so.

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